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Improving mental resilience, decision making under stress and dealing with everyday challenges 

We specialize in helping individuals and teams to thrive under pressure 

סדנאות , הרצאות , תכניות עומק

Why are we here

Our goal is to train individuals and groups to face challenges in daily life with strategies used by special unit operators and elite athletes to successfully achieve peak performance with pleasure.

What does TTP mean

TTP- Touch The Pita - is a method for developing mental resilience, improving decision-making under stress and tackling challenges on a daily basis. The method was developed by Guy Mizrahi, a special unit operator, and a competitive athlete in his past based on principles from the training model of special units and elite athletes trainings.

In the Israeli Navy Seals when you go swimming to the dock you get a simple command - "touch the pita" - a flat metal block from above found on piers or boats and designed to tie ropes. It is not enough to reach the pier or the stones next to it, but you have to get up actively and "touch the pita" before returning.

"Touch the Pita" is a simple act that represents a mentality whereby "what you do- you do to the full extent", a mentality of coping, perseverance and excellence. ​​

TTP's team consists from SME from the fields of education, psychology, and sports.

In "Touch the Pita" we believe in learning through experience. based on our unique methodology there is no doubt that your experience with us will be sustained over time.

Our top workshops

The Power of simple Actions 

A thought with no action is a dream, a thought connected to action is a plan.

In this workshop, we will focus on connecting simple actions that shape a mentality of resilience and coping with uncertainty and work challenges.

Decision Making Under Pressure 

During most of our lives, we are required to make many important decisions. ranging from careers, personal and even self-regulation. During this workshop, we will study the impact of stress on decision-making processes and will be exposed to the decision-making model for practice and improvement in day-to-day decisions.

Attention Skills

Attention is the window through which we perceive the world. In this workshop, we will focus on tools for expanding attention and awareness from the field of sports and into the world of work. When and how to expand or refocus attention, focusing strategies, self-concentration, and finding the best personal strategy for each person.

 Getting into the water

Being able to move forward in spite of concern is one of the important parameters of persistence and performance improvement. In this workshop, we will understand the factors that influence motivation, leading models in research and of course we will learn from experience what motivates each of us (because we are all unique and so are our employees)

TTP method in business helps improve mental resilience, stress regulation, and decision-making ability in the dynamic, busy and changing work environment:

  • Improving mental resilience

  • Increased motivation

  • Stress regulation

  • Tools for better decision making

  • Improving Performance (KPI's)

  • Better focus during work 

Leading Team

איתמר כהן.jpeg

Dr. Itamar Cohen


Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. University College London (UCL).

 Qualified in various psychotherapy methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Systemic Therapy. Served in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF. 

נטע תמיר 2.jpg

Neta Tamir

Tech and Inovation

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Ph.D. student at Cornell University working on developing technological tools to help people manage their cognitive resources.


Guy Mizrahi

Founder TTP

M.A in Performance Psychology. Guy is a former Israeli special units operator and ex-competitive athlete. Lecturer and group facilitator.
passionate about education, individual potential and achieve maximum personal growth.

טל מכטיי.jpg

Tal Machtai

Head of Sports

M.A in Performance Psychology and qualified for emotional therapy from the Megidd Institute.  Experienced working with athletes and adolescents. Believes that coping properly with challenges - in many areas of life - can bring new strengths and capabilities.

אלון פרופיל.jpg

Alon Alkoby

Head of education

Social psychologist and educational entrepreneur. Holds an M.A. in Social Psychology and experience in advising and initiating a wide range of educational ventures. Alon researches and practices Buddhism,  Mindfulness and a former Israeli champion in beach volleyball

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TTP - Mental resilience, Decision making under stress and coping strategies

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